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Drawing on a Board

Southwest Talent | EXECUTIVE

Our Executive Search department at Southwest Talent is one of the most involved and in-depth recruitment methods we offer. We partner with Advisory Boards, C-suite staff, Boards Of Directors and investors to find the best possible talent for your organization. Our resourceful team of technology-driven professionals has been helping organizations across Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia strategically place candidates at the highest level.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Chief Diversity Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Talent Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Accounting Officer

Senior Vice President
Senior VP Finance
Senior VP Business Development
Senior VP Marketing
Senior VP Medical
Senior VP Sales
Senior VP Operation
Senior VP Technology
Senior VP Investment
Senior VP Compliance
Senior VP Information

Executive VP
Executive VP
Finance Executive
VP Business Development
Executive VP Marketing
Executive VP Medical
Executive VP Sales
Executive VP Operation
Executive VP Technology
Executive VP Investment
Executive VP Compliance

Director (Lead)
Director VP Financial
Director Business Development
Director Marketing
Director Medical
Director Sales
Director Operation
Director Technology
Director Investment
Director Compliance
Director Information
Director Human Resources
Director Corporate
Director Secretary
Director Regulatory Affairs
Director Intellectual Property
Director Strategy
Director General Counsel
Director Creative
Director Art
Director Engineering
Director Software Development
Director Hardware
Director Network
Director Quality Assurance
Director IT
Director eBiz/Internet
Director Merchandising
Director Business Development
Director Product Management
Director Product Marketing
Director Strategic Alliances
Director Strategic Marketing
Director Channel Development
Director Product Delivery
Director Manufacturing
Director Supply Chain
Director Broadcast
Director Exploration/Land
Director Production
Director Project Management
Director Facilities
Director Controller
Director Treasurer
Director Accounting
Director Treasurer
Director Actuary
Director Compliance
Director Credit
Director Banking
Director Audit
Director Mergers/Acquisitions
Director Lending/Loans
Director Portfolio Mgr
Director Insurance
Director Taxes
Director Purchasing
Director Customer Service
Director Administration
Director Legal Affairs
Director Govt Affairs
Director Investor Relations
Director Professional Services
Director Program Management
Director Training
Director Public Relations
Director Corporate Communications
Director Research/Development
Director Medical
Director Clinical
Director Drug Discovery
Director Stats/Biotech/Info
Director Scientific Affairs
Director EMEA
Director AsiaPac
Director International

Vice President
VP Financial
VP Business Development
VP Marketing
VP Medical
VP Sales
VP Operation
VP Technology
VP Investment
VP Compliance
VP Information
VP Human Resources
VP Corporate Development
VP Secretary
VP Regulatory Affairs
VP Intellectual Property
VP Strategy
VP General Counsel
VP Creative
VP Art
VP Engineering
VP Software Development
VP Hardware
VP Network
VP Quality Assurance
VP eBiz/Internet
VP Merchandising
VP Business Development
VP Product Management
VP Product Marketing
VP Strategic Alliances
VP Strategic Marketing
VP Channel Development
VP Product Delivery
VP Manufacturing
VP Supply Chain
VP Broadcast
VP Exploration/Land
VP Production
VP Project Management
VP Facilities
VP Controller
VP Treasurer
VP Accounting
VP Treasurer
VP Actuary
VP Compliance
VP Credit
VP Banking
VP Audit
VP Mergers/Acquisitions
VP Lending/Loans
VP Portfolio Manager
VP Insurance
VP Taxes
VP Purchasing
VP Customer Service
VP Administration
VP Legal Affairs
VP Govt Affairs
VP Investor Relations
VP Professional Services
VP Program Management
VP Training
VP Public Relations
VP Corporate Communications
VP Research/Development
VP Medical
VP Clinical
VP Drug Discovery
VP Chemistry
VP Biology
VP Stats/Biotech/Info
VP Scientific Affairs
VP AsiaPac
VP International

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