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Retained Search
A retained search is our most in-depth type of search. In a retained search, clients will be required to pay upward of 50% of the placement fee upfront and before the search begins.

Container Search (Hybrid)
This is our most popular type of search!

An exclusive search with similar benefits of a retained search at an affordable upfront cost. Usually in the avenue of 1/3rd of the total fee.

Our pricing for clients (employers) is based on various factors such as the role itself, time frame and volume. In most cases, we charge a fee based on a percentage of the compensation for the filled position. In some cases, such as a high-volume situation, it may be a flat fee instead of a percentage.

Types Of Payment Terms

Contingency Search
A contingency agreement is a basic search consisting of a fee being paid upon the candidate being placed in the role.

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