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Southwest Talent | FINANCE

Our finance division works with a wide range of different clients through Canada, US, Europe and Australia.

Here is a list of roles and departments we specialize in:

Capital Markets Job Titles

Sales & Trading
Institutional Fixed Income Sales Trader
Equity Derivatives Market Specialist
Fixed Income Sales
Senior Vice President
Equity Sales Trader
Junior Equity Sales Trader
Sales Assistant (Institutional Sales and Trading)
Production Equity Sales Trader
Equity Sales and Trading Compliance Officer
Equity Sales Trader
Investment Specialist
Institutional Global Equities Sales Trader
Cross-Asset Financial Engineer
Equity Trader
Fixed Income Trader
Head of Trading

Banking Job Titles
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Specialist I
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Specialist II (Senior)
Anti-Money Laundering Investigator I
Anti-Money Laundering
Investigator II (Senior)
Assistant Branch Manager I
Assistant Branch Manager II (Senior)
ATM Coordinator
ATM Specialist
Auto Remarketing Manager
Auto Remarketing Specialist
Branch Coordinator
Branch Manager
Branch Manager – In-Store
Business Development Manager
Business Development Specialist
Card Operations Manager
Card Operations Specialist
Cash Management Officer I
Cash Management Officer II (Senior)
Check Processing Supervisor
Commercial Credit Analyst I
Commercial Credit Analyst II (Senior)
Commercial Lending Director
Commercial Loan Manager
Commercial Loan Officer I
Commercial Loan Officer II (Senior)
Commercial Loan Officer III (Lead)
Commercial Loan Processor I
Commercial Loan Processor II (Senior)
Commercial Loan Processor III (Lead)
Commercial Loan Servicing Representative
Compliance Officer – Banking I
Compliance Officer – Banking II (Senior)
Compliance Research Analyst
Compliance Research Manager
Consumer Loan Manager
Consumer Loan Officer I
Consumer Loan Officer II (Senior)
Consumer Loan Officer III (Lead)
Consumer Loan Processor I
Consumer Loan Processor II (Senior)
Consumer Loan Processor III (Lead)
Consumer Loan Servicing Representative
Credit Card Fraud Analyst
Credit Card Fraud Investigator
Credit Card Manager
EFT/ACH Manager
EFT/ACH Specialist
Electronic Banking Manager
Electronic Banking Officer I
Electronic Banking Officer II (Senior) New for 2015
Financial Planner
Financial Services Representative I
Financial Services Representative II (Senior)
Foreclosure Specialist I
Foreclosure Specialist II (Senior)
Foreign Exchange Trader
Fraud Analyst
Fraud Analyst II (Senior)
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Analyst I
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Analyst II (Senior)
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Director
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Investigation
Specialist I
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Investigation
Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud ATM/Debit Card Manager
Fraud Credit Analyst I
Fraud Credit Analyst II (Senior)
Fraud Credit Card Analyst II (Senior)
Fraud Credit Card Investigation
Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Credit Director
Fraud Credit Investigations Specialist I
Fraud Credit Investigations
Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Credit Manager
Fraud Detection Director
Fraud Detection Manager
Fraud Detection Specialist
Fraud Detection Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Director
Fraud Internet Banking Analyst I
Fraud Internet Banking Analyst II (Senior)
Fraud Internet Banking Director
Fraud Internet Banking Manager
Fraud Investigations Director
Fraud Investigations Manager
Fraud Investigations Specialist I
Fraud Investigations Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Manager
Fraud Payments Director
Fraud Payments Manager
Fraud Payments Specialist I
Fraud Payments Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Policy Manager
Fraud Prevention Director
Fraud Prevention Manager
Fraud Prevention Specialist
Fraud Prevention Specialist II (Senior)
Fraud Risk Director
Fraud Risk Manager
Fraud Risk Specialist I
Fraud Risk Specialist II (Senior)
Funds Transfer Clerk
Investment Sales Manager
Investment Sales Specialist
Loan Clerk
Loan Officer I
Loan Officer II (Senior)
Loan Officer III (Lead)
Loan Operations Officer
Loan Origination Manager
Loan Processor I
Loan Processor II (Senior)
Loan Processor III (Lead)
Loan Reviewer
Loan Servicing Manager
Loss Mitigation Specialist
Loss Mitigation Supervisor
Management Trainee – Banking
Merchant Representative
Mortgage Lending Director
Mortgage Loan Closer
Mortgage Loan Closing Manager
Mortgage Loan Officer I
Mortgage Loan Officer II (Senior)
Mortgage Loan Officer III (Lead)
Mortgage Loan Processor I
Mortgage Loan Processor II (Senior)
Mortgage Loan Processor III (Lead)
Mortgage Loan Underwriter
New Accounts Representative I
New Accounts Representative II (Senior)
Operations Manager – Banking
Operations Supervisor – Banking
Optical Imaging Manager
Optical Imaging Specialist
Personal Banker
Personal Banking Manager
Personal Financial Advisor I
Personal Financial Advisor II (Senior)
Personal Trust Administrator
Personal Trust Officer I
Personal Trust Officer II (Senior)
Portfolio Manager – Equity Funds
Proof Operations Supervisor
Proof Operator I
Proof Operator II (Senior)
Regional Manager
REO (Real Estate Owned) Manager
Research/Returns Clerk
Residential Construction Loan Officer I
Residential Construction Loan Officer II (Senior)
Residential Construction Loan Specialist
Retirement Plans Specialist
Retirement Plans Supervisor
Securities Trader
Small Business Banker
Teller – Vault
Teller I
Teller II (Senior)
Teller III (Lead)
Teller Supervisor
Trust Assistant
Trust Investment Officer
Trust New Business Officer
Trust Officer I
Trust Officer II (Senior)
Trust Operations Manager

Equity Research
Equity Analyst
Research Associate
Financial Reporting Specialist
Portfolio Manager
Private Equity Associate (Internship)
Acquisitions Associate
Analyst, Global Equity Products
Senior Analyst – Investment Analytics
Private Equity Analyst – Paid Internship
Research Associate
Research Associate Gold & Precious Minerals
Research Analyst
Research Coordinator

Treasury Job Titles
Group Treasurer
SVP/VP Treasury
Corporate Treasurer
Head of Treasury and Risk (and Tax and Insurance)
Assistant Treasurer
Director of Treasury
Manager of Treasury
Director of Corporate Finance & Treasury
Chief Dealer
Head of Trading
VP Treasury
Deputy Treasurer, Head of Treasury Operations
Head of Risk
Risk Manager/Director
Head of Treasury Control
Head of Treasury Risk Management
Treasury Control Manager/Director
Treasury IT or IS Director
Systems Analyst
Cash Management
(Global) Cash Manager
Head of (Global) Cash
Director of (Global) Cash
Treasury Operations Manager/Director
Settlement Manager
Payments Analyst
Payment Manager
Accounts Manager
Head of Financial Supply Chain
Director of International Treasury
MD/President of Corporate Treasury Center Inc/Ltd
Treasury Manager
Cash Manager
Treasury Dealer
Treasury Accountant
Treasury Systems Manager
Treasury Analyst
Treasury Assistant

Investment Banking / Private Equity
Vice President
Managing Director

Accounting Job Titles
Accountant – Cost I
Accountant – Cost II (Senior)
Accountant – Cost Manager
Accountant – Tax
Accountant I
Accountant II (Senior)
Accounting Analyst I
Accounting Analyst II (Senior)
Accounting Assistant
Accounting Clerk I
Accounting Clerk II (Senior)
Accounting Director
Accounting Manager – General
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Supervisor
Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
Accounts Payable/Receivable Coordinator
Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager
Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor
Auditing Director
Auditing Manager
Auditor I
Auditor II (Senior)
Auditor III (Lead)
Billing Analyst I
Billing Analyst II (Senior)
Bookkeeper I
Bookkeeper II (Senior)
Bookkeeping Supervisor
Budget Analyst
Budget Director
Budget Manager
Collections Manager
Collections Supervisor
Collector I
Collector II (Senior)
Controller – Assistant
Credit Analyst I
Credit Analyst II (Senior)
Credit Analyst Supervisor
Finance Director
Finance Manager
Financial Analysis Director
Financial Analyst I
Financial Analyst II (Senior)
Financial Analyst III (Lead)
Financial Planning Manager
Financial Systems Manager
Payroll Clerk I
Payroll Clerk II (Senior)
Payroll Coordinator
Payroll Manager
Payroll Supervisor
Risk Management Coordinator
Risk Management Director
Risk Management Specialist
Risk Management Supervisor
Risk Manager
Accountant supervisor
Accounting controller
Assistant controller
Auditor-CA (chartered accountant)
Auditor-chartered accountant (CA)
Auditor – finance
Auditors supervisor
Audit unit head – taxation
Bank branch accountant
Bank reserves auditor
Bankruptcy trustee
Branch accountant, bank
Budget Accountant
CA (chartered accountant)
CA (chartered accountant) student
Certified general accountant (CGA)
Certified management accountant (CMA)
CGA (certified general accountant)
Chartered accountant (CA)
Chartered accountant (CA) student
Chief Accountant
Claims Accountant
CMA (certified management accountant)
Computer audit specialist
Cost accountant
Cost accounting supervisor
Departmental accountant
Division controller – accounting
Field auditor – finances
Financial accountant
Financial auditor
Financial control officer
General accountant
Income tax adjuster
Income tax advisor
Income tax consultant
Income tax expert
Income tax investigator
Income tax specialist
Industrial accountant
Industrial auditor
Intermediate accountant
Internal auditor
Internal auditor – finances
Internal auditors supervisor – finances
Internal audit project manager
Internal audit supervisor – finances
Machine processing accountant
Management accountant
Management accounting chief
Manufacturing accountant
Officer, financial control
Plant accountant
Plant controller
Production accountant
Project accountant
Property accountant
Public accountant
Public accountants chief
Public accountants supervisor
Reinsurance analyst
Rulings officer, taxation
Sales auditor – finances
Senior accounting analyst
Senior cost accountant
Senior intern auditor
Supervisor, accountants
Supervisor, auditors
Supervisor, cost accounting
Supervisor, internal audit – finances
Supervisor, internal auditors – finances
Supervisor, public accountants
Tax accountant
Tax adviser

Tax analyst
Taxation rulings officer
Tax auditor
Tax consultant
Tax evaluator
Tax examiner
Tax expert
FP&A analyst
FP&A associate
FP&A manager
FP&A director
Head of FP&A

We've also worked with many C-Suite, VP and director roles in finance. Check-out our Executive Search department for more

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